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    Cylindrical cased axial flow fans
    TRB / TREB Series

    TRB/4-350 *230V 50* VE

    Range of cylindrical cased axial flow fans manufactured from high grade rolled sheet steel and finished with a tough black polyester paint coating and provided with a Sickle blade impeller fitted with an external rotor motor.
    Suitable for many general low pressure extract / supply ventilation applications.
    Available, depending upon the model, with single phase motors in 2 or 4 poles.

    All the motors are IP44 Class F insulation, equipped with thermal protection and ball bearings greased for life.
    Electrical supply:
    Single phase 230V-50Hz. (Capacitor located inside the wiring terminal box). All models are speed controllable.

    Additional Information
    Direction of air:
    TREB Models: form (A) configuration (Motor over Impeller).
    TRB Models: form (B) configuration (Impeller over Motor).
    TRB/4-350 *230V 50* VE

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    Model type TRB
    Suitable for mounting on walls, ceilings or support structures, etc.
    Integrated mounting bracket with fixed outlet wiring box (can be moved either right or left side of the fan bracket.)

    Model type TREB
    Suitable for installation within a wall or ceiling structure.
    Wiring terminal box fitted on the motor.

    Flame retardant terminal box
    Terminal box in flame retardant plastic V0 located outside the airflow and including the capacitor.

    High efficiency モSickle bladeヤ impeller
    モSickle Bladeヤ impeller specifically designed to ensure the highest and most efficient airflow performance with the lowest noise level.
    Dynamically balanced to ISO 1940 standard. Manufactured from pressed sheet steel.