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    TJFT-TJFU Series


    Axial Jet fans to induce air movement in enclosed car parking, tunnels and large spaces. Suitable for ventilation only.
    TJFT series: reversible.
    TJFU series: unidirection.

    Diameters from:
    TJFT series: 315 to 630mm, fully reversible.
    TJFU series: 315 to 400mm, unidirection.
    Impeller is cast aluminum alloy in accordance with EN 1706, and balanced in accordance with ISO 14694: G 6.3.
    Fan duct and 2 mounting feet are steel in accordance with EN 10130-99, and hot dip galvanized in accordance with EN 1461: 1999.
    Fan external electrical terminal box.
    Two circular sound attenuators in galvanized sheet steel, with flared inlet and acoustic media.
    Supplied with inlet and outlet steel guard.
    Impeller with 6 (TJFT) or 7 (TJFU) blades.

    TJFT series: IEC from 80 to 160, 3 phase /400v / 50Hz, IP55, Class F.
    TJFU series: IEC from 80 to 90, 3 phase/400v /50Hz, IP55, Class F.
    Two speed 2/4 pole Dalhander winding.
    Ambient temperature: -20ᄎC to +40ᄎC.

    On request
    Single speed 2 pole motor.
    Inlet guard and steel discharge deflector for unidirection airflow.
    Inlet and outlet steel deflector for
    reversible airflow.
    Factory fitted IP65 isolator in place of electrical terminal box. Isolator also available as an accessory for use with standard terminal box fan.
    External painting to RAL colour.

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    Two protection guards fitted as standard.

    Optional deflector
    on outlet for uni direction, or inlet and outlet for reversible.

    External terminal box for ease of connection.

    Optional isolator
    Electrical isolator fitted to fan for security or as an accessory.