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    Cylindrical cased axial flow fans
    TCBBX2/TCBTX2 Series

    TCBTX2/4-630 (400V50HZ) V3

    Range of cylindrical cased axial fans fitted with aluminium impellers and manufactured from high grade rolled galvanised steel and protected against corrosion by cataforesis primer and black polyester paint finish.
    Fited with 2 contra rotating complementary impellers manufactured from die-cast aluminium.
    All models are supplied with pre-wired wiring junction box located on the outside of the fan casing for easy wiring access.
    Available with single or three phase 4 poles motors.

    All the motors are IP65, Class F insulation (1), equipped with thermal protection.
    Single phase motors are variable voltage (Excepted TCBBX2/4-630).
    Three phase motors suitable for inverter control.
    Electrical supplies:
    Single phase 230V-50Hz (Capacitor located inside the wiring terminal box)
    Three phase 230/400V-50Hz.
    (1) Working temperatures from -40ᄎC up to 70ᄎC.
    TCBTX2/4-630 (400V50HZ) V3

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    Contra-rotating: High pressure
    Contra-rotating system with two complementary impellers allowing the duplication of the pressure with the same air volume

    Corrosion resistance
    Rolled steel casings and motor support protected by cataforesis primer and black polyester paint finish.
    Stainless steel screws.

    Terminal box
    Wiring terminal box with cable gland PG-11.

    Impeller dynamically balanced
    Impellers are dynamically balanced, according to ISO 1940 standard, giving vibration free operation.