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    High efficiency heat recovery units with rotary wheel


    High efficient heat recovery units up to 88% with rotary wheel, plug-fans with backward curved blades and EC external-rotor motor.
    Pre-configured control system for easy start-up.
    The casing is made of 50 mm, self-supporting double skinned panels (mineral wool, 40 kg/m3, thermal conductivity 0.037 W/ mK). The outer skin is made from coated steel (RAL7024) with a high resistance against corrosion (class: RC3) and UV light (class: RUV3) according to EN 10169 and the inner skin is made from galvanised steel.
    Support feet are made from 3 mm, RAL9011 coated, 100 mm height (except RHE 6000 to 10000 models, which are base-mounted), with possibility to fit anti-vibration mounts or leveling feet (as accessories).
    Easy access to all components via large hinged front doors.
    Circular inlet and discharge connection flanges with EPDM rubber seal strip, VELODUCTᄅ tightness class D up to size 3500 HD, rectangular connections for the sizes 3500 VD, 6000, 8000 and 10000

    Public buildings, commercial offices, stores, schools and restaurants.

    3 versions:
    • horizontal discharge HD.
    • vertical discharge VD.
    • horizontal discharge for outdoor installation HD OI 9 sizes: 700 m3/h,1300 m3/h, 1900 m3/h, 2500 m3/h, 3500 m3/h,4500 m3/h, 6000 m3/h, 8000 m3/h and 10000 m3/h.
    4 models:
    • RHE D: without additional heater.
    • RHE DI: with built-in electric post-heating.
    • RHE DC: with built-in hot water coil.
    • RHE DFR: with built-in reversible hot/ chilled water coil (chilled water coil only for HD version available).

    Built-in and connected control system (Plug & Play).

    Ranges of product according to the type of operating control:
    VAV- variable air volume
    Fan speed can be adjusted with a 0 - 10V signal from the remote touchscreen panel (included) or an external CO2, temperature or humidity sensor (accessories).
    CAV - constant air volume
    Manual pre-setting of 2 working points the fans are controlled separately.
    COP - constant pressure
    Constant pressure measured by an external sensor (accessory).

    Plug-fan with backward curved blades, external rotor EC motor with maintainance free ball bearings and permanent lubrication, P44, Class B, with integrated electronic protection (locked-rotor, phase failure, under-voltage, over-temperature, short-circuit).
    ?Protection IP54, Class B. (RHE-8000 and 10000 models, Class F)."

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    Product selection software
    S&P air handling units selection software available.