Whole house extract unit
PIV Series

Ventilation unit that provides supply ventilation in dwellings whose distribution does not allow use of whole house ventilation system.
The PIV unit draws air from the attic, where temperature is always higher than external air, passes air via a filter and supplies it into the dwelling via hallway below attic..

G4 filter is oversized (to 3 sides of the unit, 270�) to increase service life.
The unit includes 4 operating schemes with DC and low consumption motor, automatic regulation of airflows and electric battery that allows constant supply temperature.

  • PIV: standard model
  • PIV BP: model equipped with by-pass to take air directly from outside.
  • G4 filter
  • Electric battery of 500 W.
  • Fan with DC motor.
  • Supply valve with � 200 mm.
  • 1m of flexible duct with � 200 mm .
  • 1 fixing kit (screw and silent-blocks).
Model Short Description
+ PIV Whole house extract unit
PIV Series
+ PIV BP Whole house extract unit
PIV Series