Centrifugal fans
EB Series

Centrifugal fans suitable for many domestic general ventilation applications where higher system resistance pressures are encountered.
The EB models incorporate a forward curved centrifugal impeller with single phase motor 230V-50Hz. IPX4 (1).
Class II. Housing and impeller made in polypropylene. Suitable to operate with air temperature up to 40ᄎC.
(1) H versions: IPX2.
EB-100 / EB-250 S: Standard models.
EB-100 / EB-250 T: Models with adjustable run-on-timer.
EB-100 / EB-250 HT: Models with internal humidistat and adjustable run-ontimer.
Model Short Description
+ EB-100 Centrifugal fans
EB Series
+ EB-250 Centrifugal fans
EB Series