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HIB-P / HIT-P Series

HIT-1250 NP 0,75 KW *230/400V 50*

HIT-1250 NP 0,75 KW *230/400V 50*

Wall mounted axial flow fans with galvanised steel sheet structure, outlet louvre shutter with mechanical opening, inlet guard from galvanised steel and belt driven impeller from aluminium sheet plate powered by single phase (HIB) or three phase (HIT) motor. IP55, Class F.

Electrical supplies:
Single phase 230V-50/60Hz.
Three phase 230/400V-50/60Hz.
High-efficiency IE2 motors for three-phase models fitted with 1,1kW and 1,5kW motors.

On requestThe units can be supplied without automatic louvre shutter an replaced with a steel mesh guard on the discharge (Type-N).

+ Attributes

Compact design
Robust casings manufactured from galvanised steel sheet.

Outlet louvre shutter with automatic opening
when switching on the fan, to avoid its opening when it is not working.

Metalic protection guard on the inlet side, made from galvanised steel.

Protected belt-driven assembly
Trapezoidal belt drive protected by a belt guard from PVC

+ Acoustic characteristics


+ Technical characteristics


+ Dimensions


+ Curves


+ Mounting Accessories