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Low profile acoustic cabinet fans

CAB-355 ECOWATT 230V50/60HZ VE

CAB-355 ECOWATT 230V50/60HZ VE

Low profile acoustic cabinet fans, manufactured from galvanised sheet steel and internally lined with 50mm thickness of fireproof acoustic insulation (M0), with sound-absorbent insulation at the inlet.
All models incorporate inlet and discharge circular duct connection flanges with integrated rubber air seal. Direct drive backward curved centrifugal fan.
Brushless EC motor, IP44, with thermal overload protection, suitable for single phase supply 230V +/- 15%- 50/60Hz.
Fan supply with external ON-OFF electrical isolation switch, and potentiometer to adjust the fan speed.
Also possible to control the fan speed with external potentiometer type REB-ECOWATT or analogue input signal 0-10V.
This cabinet fan has been designed for indoor use, with inlet air temperatures between -20ᄎC up to +40ᄎC and suitable for mounting in any orientation.

+ Attributes

ON-OFF electrical isolation switch
External potentiometer to adjust the fan speed from 10 to 100%.

Low noise level
Acoustic insulation of 50 mm thickness fireproof fibreglass (M0) with a high resistance coating reducing the noise level significantly.

Direct drive backward centrifugal impeller

Sound-absorbent insulation at the inlet

Installation in any orientation
Possibility to be installed upright, horizontal or inverted.

+ Acoustic characteristics


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+ Mounting Accessories

+ Electrical Accessories