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HGHT-V Series



Range of roof mounted axial flow fans, with vertical air discharge configuration, for air extract.
Designed for smoke extraction in fi re conditions and certified F400-120 and F300-120 (HGHT-V - CE marked).
Casing formed from rolled sheet steel welded on the base with a corrosion resistant hot dipped galvanized finish. High grade die-cast aluminum blades locked within a pressed sheet steel hub. Backdraft shutter and proof guard at the fan discharge. Cylindrical casing formed from rolled sheet steel protected against corrosion by grey polyester paint coating.

- HGHT-V F400-120: three-phase 4 pole motors 400V-50Hz, IP55, class H insulation.
- HGHT-V: F300-120: three-phase 4 pole motors 400V-50Hz, IP55, class H insulation.
- Electrical isolator fitted to fan casing.
Three phase 230/400V-50Hz up to 3 kW.Three phase 400V-50Hz, for higher power motors and two speed motors.
(See characteristics chart).

Additional Information
Standard air direction: form (A)configuration (Motor over impeller).

On request
- 6 pole motors.
- 2 speed motors 4/6 and 4/8 poles.

+ Attributes

Electrical isolator.

Outlet guard
Outlet guard protection.

Support base
Base for roof installation.

Inlet flange
Flange for duct connection or bellmouth inlet.

Form (A) configuration
Standard air direction: form (A) configuration (Motor over impeller).

Web support
To strengthen base support.Model 1250 only.

Back draft shutter
Prevent back draft of air and entrance of rain water when the fan is switched off.

+ Technical characteristics


+ Dimensions


+ Curves


+ Mounting Accessories