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    Whole house extract units Humidity adjustable ventilation


    Whole house extract units ensuring permanent renewal of air in individual houses. The humidity adjustable exhaust valves located in different rooms (kitchen, bathrooms and toilet) and the air inlets located in the main rooms (dining room and bedrooms), allow a constant entry of new air. This systems improves the energy efficiency of the house, reducing the heat consumption and enhancing the user comfort. The OZEO-H is conceived to be constantly on and the airflow automatically self-adjust according to the needs.

    • Motor with inverted curve model CC CI)that achieves a very low sound and consumption level.
    • 6 � 80 mm inlets, for bathrooms and toilets.
    • One � 125 mm inlet for the kitchen.
    • One � 125 mm outlet for exhaust duct, that enables used air to be extracted into the outside.
    • All outlets and inlets are pivoting to 90� and can be dismantled. They are all provided with a flange that enables a fast, sealed and safe connection without having to use extra tools or clamps.
    • Easy access to terminal box.
    • 4 plastic caps to seal unused inlets.
    • Rope for hanging position.
    • 1 template to facilitate the assembly on the ceiling or on the wall.

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    Detachable and titling to 90� inlet rings All the inlet rings are detachable, 90� titling, and eqquiped with a flange that allows a quick, tight and secure connexion, without using tools nor braces.

    High tightness Bimaterial joints with tight sealing that guarantee the performance.