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    IRAB - IRAT Series

    IRAT/4-315A (400V 50HZ) VE

    Insulated rectangular duct fan. Very low profile design. Backward curved centrifugal impeller. Casing manufactured from heavy gauge galvanised sheet steel.
    50mm thickness of M0 glass fibre internal acoustic insulation.
    External rotor motor, speed controllable, IP55, Class F insulation.
    External wiring terminal box.
    Safety thermal overload protection.

    Motor and impeller fitted on the inspection cover enabling easy cleaning and maintenance.
    Type of electrical supply
    -Single-phase 230V-50Hz (IRAB)
    -Three-phase 400V-50Hz (IRAT)
    All motors are speed by autotransformer.
    All three-phase models are speed controlable by frequency inverter less the IRAT/4-450 model.
    IRAT/4-315A (400V 50HZ) VE

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    Centrifugal backward curved impeller
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