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    HCTB / HCTT Series

    HCTB/4-560-A (230V50HZ) VE

    Range of axial roof fans with horizontal air discharge configuration available in 2 version:
    -�B� models for air extract.
    -�A� models for air supply.
    Base manufactured from galvanized sheet steel.
    Cowl manufactured from spun aluminium. The impellers for models 315 to 400 are manufactured from one piece injection moulded plastic, reinforced with chemical anchored fibreglass for additional strength. Models 450 to 1000 incorporate separate plastic blades locked within a die cast aluminium hub.
    Available, depending upon the model, with single or three phase motors in 4, 6, 8 or 4/8 poles.

    All motors are IP65 (1) Class F (2) with thermal protection (3) and ball bearings greased for life.
    Electrical supply:
    -Single phase 230V-50Hz (Capacitor located inside the wiring terminal box).
    -Three phase 400V-50Hz.
    (See characteristics chart).
    All single phase models are speed controllable by voltage except HCTB/4- 560, HCTB/4-630.
    All three phase models are speed controllable by autotransformer, except models HCTT/4- 560, HCTT/4-630, � 710 to 1000.
    Three phase models, 1 speed motor, are speed controllable by inverter.
    (1) 800 to 1000 models are IP55.
    (2) Air stream temperature limits -40�C to +70�C (except models 800 to 1000 suitable for usage in environments from -20�C to 40�C.
    (3) 800 to 1000 models are not equipped with thermal protection.
    HCTB/4-560-A (230V50HZ) VE

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    ATEX versions HCTT
    ATEX versions available for 3 phase models. For ambient working temperatures from -20�C to +40�C.
    Motors IP55, class F.
    - ATEX Flameproof - Gas
    Only available for 800 to 1000 models
    II 2G Ex d IIB T4II 2G Ex d IIB+H2 T4 (with motor Ex d IIC T4)
    - ATEX Increased safety � Gas
    II 2G Ex e II T3
    - ATEX - Dust
    Only available for 800 to 1000 models
    Suspended flammable particles and non-conductive dust:
    II 3D Ex tc IIIB T125�C
    Conductive dust:
    II 3D Ex tc IIIC T125�C (with IP65 motor)
    To select HXTT ATEX refer to performance data or EASYVENT.
    Note electrical data may vary for ATEX motors."

    Easy to install
    Base supports to facilitate installation.

    High quality steel sleeve
    Ensuring the long life of the fan.

    Impeller dynamically balanced
    Impellers are dynamically balanced, according to ISO 1940 standard, giving vibration free operation.

    Bird-proof guard