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    FLEXEO Series

    FLEXEO 210

    Heat recovery unit with high efficiency heat exchanger up to 94%.
    Its main feature is the possibility to be adpated to all configurations. The construction with independent modules allows high flexibility and several fitting options.
    It can be mounted on the floor and on the ceiling. On the wall it can be mounted in vertical or horizontal position.
    Its low profile (300mm) allows fitting into false ceiling. It can be equipped with a 100% bypass, mantaining its low profile.
    To ensure good air quality, is equipped with a F5 filter on the inlet side and, to protect the core, a G4 on the extraction side.
    With its remote control, it is possible to manage the boost function, the bypass and the filters reset alarm.

    -Counter flow heat exchanger.
    -EPP body.
    -Spigots pivoting to 90ᄎ.
    -Fan modules x 2
    -100% bypass , automatic or manual.
    -Manual boost function.
    -G4 extract filter.
    -F5 inlet filter.
    -Wall or ceiling mounting kit
    -Opening for access to the core by quarter turn fasteners.
    FLEXEO 210

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    Heat Recovery Unit

    Remote control by cable or wireless:

    • Bypass
    • Boost
    • Absence mode
    • Filter reset
    • "