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    Counter-flow, high-efficiency heat recovery unit
    DOMEO 210 Series

    DOMEO 210 APP

    Whole house heat recovery unit with a high-efficiency heat exchanger up to 92% setting and very low consumption EC motor.
    Provides a constant supply of fresh tempered air into the living spaces of a house.
    Domeo can communicate with home automation system via Modbus or other gateway protocols. It also enables management of a pre-heating or post heating electric battery.
    To optimise energy consumption and air quality, it can be conected to a CO2 or humidity sensor and others. Domeo 210 is fitted with a 100% bypass and it is equipped with F5 or F7 filters at the inlet and with G4 filters at the outlet to protect the heat exchanger.
    It includes a remote control to activate the boost function, the bypass and the reset filter alarm.

    - DOMEO 210 FL: Wired remote control.
    - DOMEO 210 RD: Wireless remote control (by radiofrequency). Constant airflow motor.
    - DOMEO 210 APP: Remote Control by smartphone app. Constant airflow motor.

    • Counter-flow heat exchanger with up to 92% thermal efficiency
    • Low-consumption EC motor
    • Centrifugal backward curved impeller
    • Modbus communication
    • EPP body
    • Nozzles �125 mm
    • 100% automatic or manual bypass
    • Manual boost mode
    • F5 or F7 (optional) inlet filter
    • G4 extract filter"
    DOMEO 210 APP

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