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    Acoustic cabinet fans
    CRMTC Series

    CRMTC/4 355/145 5,5KW LG 270 400/690V 50HZ VE

    Cabinet fans for smoke extraction certified F400-120. Cabinet fans manufactured from galvanised sheet steel and protected against corrosion.
    Internally lined with 7 mm thickness of melamine acoustic foam insulation (M1).
    All models are fitted with forward curved centrifugal impellers.

    All motors are IP55, class F insulation.
    Available, depending upon the model, with three phase motors in 4 or 6 poles.
    Electrical suply:
    Three phase
    230/400V-50Hz, up to 3 kW.
    400V-50Hz, for higher motor powers.
    (See characteristichs chart).

    On request
    Two speed motors.
    CRMTC/4 355/145 5,5KW LG 270 400/690V 50HZ VE

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    Officially approved to EN12101-3 standard



    Standard motor with cooling wheelStandard motor heat removal system ensures extraction of high temperature air stream.

    Impeller dynamically balanced
    Impeller dynamically balanced, according to ISO 1940 standard, providing vibration free operation.

    Low noise level
    Acoustic insulation of 7 mm thickness flame retardant (M1) melamine foam reducing the noise level significantly.

    Easy to install
    The cabinets have fixing points on the corners easing the installation either on the floor or ceiling.

    Flexible coupling at the discharge and inlet
    To reduce vibration and noise transmissions to the installations.