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    CRHB-315 ECOWATT (230V50/60HZ) VE

    Range of centrifugal roof mounted fans in horizontal discharge format suitable for many roof extract ventilation applications, including housing ventilation, commercial offices, shopping malls, etcナ
    - Very low profile design.
    - Base manufactured from galvanised sheet steel.
    - Centrifugal backward curved impeller.
    - Steel finger proof guard.
    - Cowl manufactured from spun aluminium.
    - ON-OFF electrical isolation switch fitted.
    - Models suitable for operation within ambient air temperatures between
    - 20ᄎC up to +40ᄎC.
    - Fan speed adjustable with the potentiometer placed in the connection box or with an external control type REB ECOWATT.
    - Analogical input with terminals in the terminal box to control the fan with 0-10V input signal.
    Brushless EC motor, IP44, with thermal overload protection, suitable for single phase supply 230Vᄆ15%/50-60Hz.
    CRHB-315 ECOWATT (230V50/60HZ) VE

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    Low profile
    External rotor motor to limit the height of the fan.

    Direct drive backward
    centrifugal impeller with brushless EC motor.

    Bird proof guard

    ON-OFF electrical isolated switch