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    Air curtains
    COR-N Series

    COR-F-1500 N

    Designed for wall application in commercial or industrial environments.

    Can be fitted up to a height of 3 metres.

    High performance tangential propeller/impeller giving a low sound level.
    Can be installed in series.
    Extra low speed in those fans that need a higher output air temperature (warm air versions)

    COR-F-1500 N

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    2 Power selector remote fitted with the fan to control up to 5 unitsin series of the A models (only ambient air).
    LxAxH (mm): 88x47x88

    Power remote selector and 3 speed fitted with the fan to control up to 5 units in series of the A/H models (ambient and hot air).
    LxAxH (mm): 88x47x88