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    CMPT (2) Series

    CMPT/4-23 (230/400V50HZ)LG000 VE

    Range of single inlet direct drive centrifugal fans manufactured from tough injection moulded polypropylene plastic, motor support and designed for extraction of corrosive fumes.
    All the fans are provided with forward curved centrifugal impellers manufactured from injection moulded polypropylene plastic.
    Available, depending upon the model, with single or three phase motors in 2, 4, 6 or 8 poles.
    Working temperature from -10 to 60 ᄎC.

    All motors are IP55, class F insulation.
    Electrical supply:
    Single phase 230V-50Hz up to 1,1 kW.
    Three phase 230/400V-50Hz.
    Three-phase motor fans speed controlable by inverter (See characteristics chart).

    Additional information
    The mounting frames are manufactured from:
    - Nylon (models from 14 to 25)
    - Polypropylene (models 30 and 35)
    - Galvanised sheet steel (model 42 to 70)
    Standard supplied position: LG 0.
    The scroll can be orientated in 8 different positions. Screws in stainless steel.

    On request
    Fan supplied in RD positions.
    (Except models 14, 20A and 30A).
    Two speed motors.
    Scroll fitted with a permanent drain to evacuate condensation water.
    ATEX version (see CMPT ATEX series).
    CMPT/4-23 (230/400V50HZ)LG000 VE

    More Views

    Corrosive atmospheres

    Circular outlet duct connection
    For models up to CMPT-30 and CMPT-25M

    Rectangular outlet duct connection
    For models CMPT-35 and CMPT-42, CMPT-20A, CMPT-25A and CMPT-30A

    Though and quality design
    Tough Injection moulded polypropylene plastic. Screws in stainless steel

    Forward curved centrifugal impeller
    Forward curved centrifugal impeller manufactured from injection moulded polypropylene plastic